Proudly local

Excellent customer service

Refuelling you and your vehicle...

Hawtree & Sons now operate a petrol station, 2 local convenience stores and a café serving West Stour, East Stour, Stour Provost, Todber, Marnhull, Fifehead Magdalen, Buckhorn Weston, Kington Magna, Sandley, Stour Row and Henstridge.

Family run since 1988

Hawtree & Sons is a family run business started in 1988 when Mary and Graham Hawtree bought Riverside Garage with a forecourt shop and separate commercial units in West Stour Dorset.

Our aim when we started our business was to keep every customer happy by us being personally involved with the day-to-day running. Although we have now expanded the business considerably, this is still our aim. Graham & Mary have been joined by their sons Tom, Paul & Seb and together we are now involved with the day-to-day running of the whole business.

The opportunity to take on Marnhull Stores arose in 2015 and Riverside Café followed in 2019.

Paul was the first to join the family business and he now predominantly runs Riverside Garage and Stores. Tom followed in 2012 and now predominantly runs Marnhull Stores. While Seb joined the business in 2017 and now oversees management of Riverside Garage and Café with Paul.

Affordable quality

In all our businesses, we aim to provide good quality at an affordable price. For this reason we use Murco to supply our fuel and Spar to supply many of our grocery and houshold ranges. Hawtree & Sons are also keen to support local suppliers wherever they can. So a lot of our fresh produce comes from businesses in Dorset and Somerset.

Hawtree & Sons Riverside Café West Stour is there to re-fuel you with a choice of all day breakfasts starting at just £4, tasty snacks and main meals, in a clean and friendly environment. While at Hawtree & Sons Riverside Garage West Stour you can re-fuel your vehicle with a choice of competitively priced fuels.

Local and convenient

With Hawtree & Sons Riverside Stores West Stour and Marnhull Stores, we want you to be able to come in and choose from a range of goods to provide your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you need something easy and quick we have convenience foods, ready meals, frozen dishes and food-to-go. But we also stock lots of fresh ingredients meat, vegetables and dairy so you can make a meal from scratch.

Plus we don't want you to have to go anywhere else so we also stock household items, pet food and provide ATMs, bill payment systems and parcel services.

We like to think that what sets us apart is our customer service and we are genuinely very proud of what we have achieved.

We couldn't have achieved this without you our customers and our staff. Thank you for the support you have shown for the business over the years and we look forward to continuing to provide you with a friendly service and meeting new customers too.

Graham, Mary, Paul, Tom and Seb Hawtree